For those of you who spent your childhood (and parts of your adulthood too, more than likely, like me) fantasizing that your remote control was a magic wand that whisked bad TV off into the land of the giant sand worms to be eaten messily, you can now live the dream.

Thanks to the Kymera magic wand remote, a buttonless remote control that reacts to a series of pre-programmable wrist flicks, you can now make TV dance to your tune as though you were a mystical puppetmaster yourself.  It can learn up to thirteen infrared codes, which will allow you to control a panoply of devices remotely with your new wonder remote.

The opportunity to perform such wonders in your living room will cost you about a hundred bucks US (forty nine ninety five pounds sterling), but you have to admit this is truly a small price to pay to have this much awesome available at the flick of a wrist.