If you’ve got a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars handy, and you really want incredible definition in your movies,  then JVC’s newest offering, the OLA-RS4000, might be exactly what you need.

It premiered at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, and is a ten megapixel LCD projector that can show movies on four screens simultaneously in full HD or WUXGA resolution.

This is of course a downright amazing projector, and considering how it’s priced it had really better be.  In fact, some might even say that this is overkill, but most of them will probably be shouted down by the eager fan boys desperate to get their hands on one of these even though there’s no way they can afford one.

And here’s one final bit of good news– they won’t even come out for another month yet, so you have plenty of time to line up that second through fourth mortgages on the house so you can afford one.