Hercules XPS 2.1 50 Speaker System Review

Computer speakers are another one of those gadgets/accessories where there are literally countless options for you to choose from.  Most everyone who has a desktop or laptop computer can greatly improve the sound of their set-up with one of these after-market speaker kits.

Hercules has been around for a while now but they have yet to make any huge waves here in the US.  Hopefully this review will help!  The XPS 2.1 50 speaker system sports some versatile features out of the box, and for it’s price range (around $60), it sounds really nice.

Compact and sleek. the aesthetic of the XPS is complimented by orange (and not even close to my favorite color) rings around the speakers and volume/power knob.  The front of the speakers is covered in glossy black while the rest of the system (sub woofer included) is draped in a black matte finish.

Construction and build wise, the XPS didn’t feel all that sturdy as all the units in the system seem overly lightweight for some reason.  Simply put, the XPS speakers could be easily knocked over by a flailing limb holding a coffee mug, or the base of each speaker could be broken off if not aware of how frail the connection was between the two during storage or travel.

When it came to the sound performance, I was rather impressed with what the Hercules XPS brought to the table.  Despite the small speaker size, the XPS was capable of some significant banging.  It actually got pretty loud.  The speakers suffered from some mild distortion at higher volume levels but they did a great job of entertaining friends from around a 30-40 foot radius.  The XPS system handled my MP3 collection with precision and ease and sounded competent across multiple genres including metal and hip-hop. The sub woofer gave the bass depth that the speakers lacked and they blended very smooth together to create a quality mix that I was pleased with.

I liked how the XPS system had input jacks on the “right” speaker for headphones and an AUX IN for an iPod or PSP making it very travel worthy (if you’ve got the room), and accessible to multiple scenarios.  It worked great when friends came over with iPhones with different music libraries as they could easily plug right in.

I didn’t really run into many problems while reviewing the Hercules XPS 2.1 50 Speaker System.  The only thing I came across was a scratchy loose connection of the volume knob.  It was a bit annoying at first but after a week or so it disappeared.

I hope that my high remarks in regards to this system helps consumers navigate through the sea of comparable products to find the right one for them.  By no means is this product stellar but it provides a great listening and user experience for the price.  I am interested in reviewing other products by Hercules to see if they hold the same level of quality.


  • Good sound for size and price
  • Attractive design and aesthetic
  • Versatile features (Aux-In)


  • Slightly shoddy construction and build
  • Mild distortion at peak volumes

Buy it here for $63!

Jeff B