Okay, we all know we’ve got a TON of gadgets to carry around with us.  Our keys, our watches, our Blackberries, our cell phones, assorted whatnot, a pack of mints in case we run into the ladies…you know what I’m saying.  But we can’t carry all this stuff around in our pants.  Only so many guys can pull off cargo shorts.  We’ll get beaten for carrying a purse and don’t even TRY to pass it off as a “Jack Pack”, all right?  You can call it a “messenger bag” until your lips fall off but it’s still basically a man purse.

Enter the Grabit Pack, a sweet little device that straps to your hip in much the same way an Old West-style gun holster would.  There’s enough room in there for your mints and cell phone, and a little extra besides.  Plus, as it’s worn on the outside of your leg, it’s not likely to restrict freedom of movement.

The Grabit Pack retails for twenty five bucks, but ordering direct brings the shipping and handling monster into play.