According to an Apple Insider source close to a Taiwanese manufacture that produces Apple products, the Cupertino company is set to refresh their line of iMacs.

Although it’s not clear exactly what Apple will be changing, the source noted that the computer’s design will more closely resemble that of Apple’s recently released LED Cinema display, although it’s not clear if the new iMac will include this lighting technology.   Other added features are said to be some sort of audio enhancement (I’m guessing iPod/iPhone dock) as well as Blu-ray support despite Jobs’ dismay for the technology.

Just a few months ago Apple announced price drops on all their laptops, so it only seems reasonable for their iMacs to follow suit, which could ring in at the tune of a few hundred dollars less than the current versions.

So when will we see the new iMacs?  Probably as soon as October and no later than early November if Apple wants to take advantage of the holiday shopping bonanza.


Christen Costa

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