Remember when the hands free mics for cell phones hit critical mass?  You’d see people in the grocery store or walking down the street talking to themselves, until you realized they had one of these jammed into their ear.  Then the Bluetooth headset craze ran wild and once again many a sane people were deemed crazy by fellow commuters and city patrons.

Well, you can fire up the crazy again, because design studio BCK has got a concept that turns the ‘call me’ gesture into a Bluetooth headset.  The idea is that two rings, one a mic the other a speaker, are worn on the pinky and thumb respectively.  To activate a call you simply separate the two fingers and to end the call place them together.  It’s not a bad idea.  But you know what is a bad idea?  Placing an animation on your website that flashes so much it feels like it could induce a seizure – yeah, that’s their website.

[via Mobilecrunch]


Christen Costa

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