We’ve all been there at one time or another–just as you’re on your daily walk in the park, your iPod goes dead, or your digital camera runs out of juice, or something you’re carrying just can’t work up enough spark to, you know, work.

Enter the Free Loader, a highly portable device that allows you to recharge any of your portable devices anywhere the sun happens to be shining.

The device works by continually absorbing charge in a set of small onboard batteries.  From there, you can tap into the device’s accumulated power at any time to recharge your portable devices.  While you’re enjoying the iPod sound or making your phone calls or what have you, the Free Loader is continually recharging its OWN batteries, and holding that charge for as long as three months before it loses the charge.

You can actually get one of these right now over at for the low price of fifty bucks.  It’s actually a great idea when you think about it, and you’ll never be without juice again.