This is probably an idea that should have come along well before now.  What you’re looking at in the pic above is a pair of earbuds that–get this–stop playing when you pull them out of your ears.  Yes, they automatically pause playback when you take them out, allowing you to never miss a beat of all your favorite songs.  They’re the Ericsson MH907, and they only come with one real downside.

They come equipped with motion detectors, and if you have them hooked to an Ericcson phone with a fast port connector, you can actually answer your phone by plugging in your earbud.

They’ll be available on the order of soon and cost fifty five bucks, but the downside is that they’ll only be available for the Sony Ericcson phone.  As soon as someone comes out with an iPod version, I bet you’ll never see them in stores because they’ll be bought out at frantic paces.