Here’s a new and interesting piece of gadget news for you this morning, folks–I’ve just heard about the Epson Dreamio, a strange projector with one really impressive feature.  That strange feature?  A built in DVD player.

Most projectors don’t include DVD players for a handful of good reasons–it’s entirely too simple in most cases to hook up a DVD player to a projector is tops among them.  But also included are the fact that they usually end up looking like thirty miles of bad road and how they end up badly overpriced.  This would definitely seem to be the case with the thirteen hundred dollar Epson Dreamio, especially given that the projector itself is a 720p as opposed to a 1080p.   It does, by way of consolation, include a USB port and an HDMI slot for hooking in extra components, so it clearly wants to go the distance as far as your home theater setup goes.

So for movie buffs who want that projector experience but can’t offer a lot of space for components, the Epson Dreamio may be what you’re looking for.