I would have never thought that I would be writing about this today.  Seemingly totally innovative, Elonex has developed the iGame Dock that will fully support a bevy of motion controlled games soon to appear on an iPhone near you.

Beyond the normal dock functions and including a TV output, you will be able to play music, video, movies, podcasts, and such in addition to the motion sensor games.  The basic game package by Elonex will feature 20 Wii-type sports games such as: tennis, bowling, ping-pong, and darts.

Elonex also has a development kit available to encourage publishers and developers to make games for the iGame Dock.  Sounds to me like a great idea but we’ll have to wait and see how the final product turns out.  Elonex hopes to have the iGame Dock in homes by this holiday season for a price of around $130.


Jeff B