If you’ve ever wondered how you could do more to help save the planet with your morning bicycle commute, then look no more, o ecologically aware one; we’ve got the solution for you!

It’s called the E-Werk, and it’s from Germany.  Those of you hearing Vince from ShamWow declare that the Germans make good stuff are not alone, and I’m laughing too.  But anyway, the E-Werk hooks to your bike and uses your pedal pushing skills to crank a generator on the go, converting your bike into a portable power generation system.  Naturally, there’s not a whole lot of juice that you get out of these, being as you’re just pedalling a bike and all and most of your kinetic energy goes into moving the bike along.

It’s a pretty clever device, make no mistake, and for people who do a lot of biking, then you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on one of these.