Latitude Z Notebook Stand

Yesterday Dell unveiled what they’re claiming is the world’s thinnest and lightest 16-inch laptop, measuring just over 1/2-inch thick and weighing just 4.5lbs.  But that isn’t all Dell’s newest Latitude Z600 laptop has to offer.  For an additional $199 Dell will toss in an inductive charging stand, which will surely lead to a set of commercials that have something to do with ‘look ma, no hands’.

Latitude Z Notebook

But wait, there is a ton more.  They’ve also got another accessory, for the same price, that connects Dell’s latest laptop to an external monitor sans wires, as well as a set of customizable touch controls located on the laptops right bezel that can control brightness or volume, launch applications or even scroll through an Excel spreadsheet.  Using a second ARM processor, which is found in many cell phones, the Dell Z can do ‘instant on’ providing access to email, contacts and other low powered applications and sustain power for up two days, or just 4 hours when Windows is fully launched.


All this doesn’t come cheap, though, as the new Dell Latitude Z600 starts at $1,999 and doesn’t even include the aforementioned accessories.  It’s a bit frustrating to see these companies still claim wireless charging when in fact the pad that the product sits on uses a wire, but until Tesla’s vision has been fully realized we’ll have to settle on a variation there of.


Christen Costa

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