Now here’s a monster machine for you, folks–if you’re looking for a hot, sweet Mini LAN rig that is both so hot and so sweet that it requires water coolant, then the CyberPower LAN Mini H2O is exactly what you’ve got in mind.

This beauty comes with your choice of Core 2 duo or Core 2 quad processors, NVIDIA or ATI graphics, and a whole load of hard drive space.  Even better, it weighs just ten pounds, about two and a half times the typical laptop, and includes space for a Wi-Fi adaptor.  The quad version of this rig costs just under a thousand bucks, and has plenty of room for aftermarket customization.

If this thing had arms it could fix your morning toast and coffee, so shelling out a thousand bucks that requires a bottle of water to cool it, and yet can still be taken to, say, LAN parties is probably pretty sweet.