Here’s a shocker–apparently,for teenagers, driving and gadgets just plain old don’t mix.

The Brits did a survey and discovered that teenagers are likely to be distracted when they drive, especially by the gadgets in their cars.  Sure, the music system knobs were the biggest distractor (even the GPS and the air conditioner played roles in distraction), but there were plenty of other, more unnerving, surprises.

Twenty five percent of drivers aged seventeen to twenty four have texted while driving.  Interestingly, only three percent of those drivers thought it was acceptable behavior to do so.

Better yet, sixteen percent have put on makeup while driving.

The Brits, for their part (who are starting to look more like V For Vendetta with every passing day) have declared this a massive failure of government to get its message across.  Never mind that what this really should be is a massive failure of parents to make clear rules about what the kids can do in the car.