Sharp has recently developed a new technique that has allowed them to stretch the capacity of a Blu-Ray Disc to 75 and 100Gb’s.  Pretty cool eh?  Through changing the way the discs are manufactured and improvements made upon the laser, Sharp is waiting for approval from the Blu-Ray Disc Association.

In an attempt to explain the tech specs in basic jargon,  Sharp has pioneered a new laser that reads a new aluminum oxynitride film (dielectric is the old one) coating that allows the disc to have up to three and four layers instead of the current two, allowing for more storage.

All of this sounds like progress to me but I have a few questions.  How will this affect Blu-ray players already out in the field?  Will this new tech render them useless in the coming years?  That would definitely have a negative effect on early adopters and those on the fence now in regards to committing to the format.

We are just now starting to see larger Blu-Ray offerings such as game collections and TV seasons on one disc, but what could be done with 100GB’s?

Any thoughts?



Jeff B