AquaClimb: Bringing The Elements Together

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31 Comments to AquaClimb: Bringing The Elements Together

  1. Even if she is 12 (which I think GUY is right, she’s at least 14), the bikini bottom that she’s wearing is a clear indication of maturity and sophistication. Plus it’s brightly colored. Baboon’s asses are brightly colored to attract mates, so it’s pretty obvious she wants it.

  2. i have a theory maybe the kids are behind the rope because ther are not old enough to climb, so the girl climbing is older.

    so i’d hit it too

  3. isnt that just…. child friendly deep water soloing?

    it is to deep water soloing what indoor walls are to sport climbing.

  4. Lifeguard Tom

    We just installed one of these in Summer 2008 at the public pool in Oregon where I work, and it became an instant favorite of everyone who visits. There is always a line, and we have yet to have an incident or injury.

  5. That would definitely be a cool addition to a diving pool. Have a serious rock wall outcrop over 12 feet, absolutely a fun way to climb

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