I think it’s safe to say that snoring just plain sucks.  I does nothing good for anyone performing or receiving this unattractive trait.  If you snore to the point of debilitating frustration this new anti-snoring method may indeed be what you need to try.

The wrist monitor seen in the above pic is worn in conjunction with included bio-sensor wrist pads.  The bio-sensor pads send electronic acupuncture massage pulses to train your to body to relax its snoring muscles and the monitor wrist device then only sends those pulses when you are snoring.  The pulses are not supposed to disturb normal sleep and the whole device shuts off after 8 hours.  So essentially you could snore yourself awake if you didn’t want to sleep for more than 8 hours.

If your snoring is that disruptive and out of hand then perhaps you owe it to yourself or your loved ones to give this device a chance.  Note that the wrist monitor does not tell time.  Available now for $46.

[via CraziestGadgets]


Jeff B