Congratulations, folks–America is now officially the Land of the Geek.  We’re a nation of total gadget addicts, or so says a study from Forrester Research.  Here are some highlights from said study, which surveyed 53,668 households in the United States and Canada by mail:

Half are gamers.

Sixty-three percent have a broadband Internet connection.

Three-quarters have cell phones and PCs.

Ten million American households added an HDTV in the last year.

It’s clear, folks–we love our tech.  Whether we want to chronicle the growth of our children or just have some fun after work, we turn straight for boxes of plastic and metal to handle that.  This survey makes a lot of sense given that our economy is somewhere around seventy percent consumer-driven, and consumers have to have something to buy.  It’s small wonder we turn to devices that save labor or entertain.