Over on Amazon, you can buy most anything cheap and easy, from TVs to home stereos to books to groceries.  But have you ever thought about buying your home theater accessories from them?

You will now – no more buying badly overpriced Monster cables for you, no sir or ma’am as the case may be.  Now, with Amazon Basics, you can pick up everything from HDMI cables to USB/Firewire cables to blank CDs and DVDs.

You can get free shipping on orders over $25 AND they promise that your gear will be shipped in “Frustration free packaging”, which I assume means “packaging you can open without the benefit of knives, heavy construction equipment and/or explosives”.

You can get cheap cables and such on Amazon already; you can get, for example, a six foot HDMI cable for one cent plus $3 shipping.  But the Amazon Basics gear comes with the Amazon brand name, plus you’ll get a warranty, something the third parties won’t do.  That and you can get a pack of blank DVDs for just over $18, which is pretty good as long as you get something else to qualify for free shipping.

So, not a bad move on Amazon’s part, I’d say–hopefully it works for them.

[via WalletPop]