Another snoopy fitness gadget comes our way in the form of the Fitbit, which took the TechCrunch 50 by storm last year but couldn’t seem to get off the ground.  But it’s now got a launch date scheduled–this Tuesday.

The ninety nine dollar FitBit will clip to your clothes and, based on your movement, help determine how much exercise you’ve been getting and how many calories you’ve burned thanks to an internal motion detector.  Even better, you can keep track of all that stuff in a direct, graphic fashion by checking an icon of a flower on the side of the device that grows as your activity level grows.  And if you’re not that into flowers, word is you can actually change that icon.

But that’s not all!  If you wear the FitBit while you sleep, that motion detection hardware can actually track your SLEEP patterns based on how often you move in a day.  No worries if you don’t wear much that you can clip it to–the FitBit will work just fine on a wristband.

So if you’re out to get fit, the FitBit may be able to help.