The MPro 120 Pocket Projector, from the constantly-innovating minds at 3M, promises to be part of a “new generation of mini-projectors”.  Featuring a battery life of two to four hours, it has built in speakers and can project an image up to a maximum size of fifty inches.  The MPro has a planned sales price of two hundred ninety nine pounds (somewhere around six hundred dollars) and though it’s tiny and compact, I can’t say as I can find anything resembling a resolution size in this.  That’s got me concerned.

A camera this tiny really isn’t a cause for celebration and happiness–in fact, what it is is a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that a whole lot of people are about to get taken for a ride once they discover that their new miniprojector has all the resolution of looking out a window covered in snot. I found the specs at 3M, however, and they don’t look terrible–1280 x 768 resolution, for starters–but without seeing it in operation, only guesses about image quality can be made.  Add to it the fact that you can’t replace the bulb, ever, and that’s an even more worrisome point.

Small or no, this one still doesn’t bode well for people want a much better display for their laptop.

[via Daily Mail]