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Hercules XPS 2.1 50 Speaker System Review


Computer speakers are another one of those gadgets/accessories where there are literally countless options for you to choose from.  Most everyone who has a desktop or laptop computer can greatly improve the sound of their set-up with one of these after-market speaker kits. Hercules has been around for a while...


iPhone MMS Update Now Available

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It’s here.  That’s right folks, Apple officially rolled out an update today for the iPhone that enables multimedia messaging.  It’s available now, so jack in your iPhone and get your download on....


Welcome The JVC PICSIO GC-FM1 Camcorder


In proper Flip fashion, JVC has brought us their new PICSIO GC-FM1 camcorder to slip into our pockets and record HD video whenever we please.  Looking rather candy-coated and bedazzled this little guy still packs a might tech punch. Weighing only 95 grams and measuring a mere 53mm x 97mm...


TGS 2009 Rumor: No Gears Of War 3 On The Xbox 360?


In what smells to be a heaping pile of malarky,  Epic Games is saying that Gears of War 3 “may” or “might” appear on next generation consoles.  Only really citing their upcoming Unreal 4 engine as a reason, this seems really lame to me. Since next-gen hardware is still 4-5...


Sony’s Motion Controller Gets Launch Date

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What we once called a gadget rumor back in May turns out to be very much correct, folks–recently verified by a long and tortuous process that includes a French Sega web site discovering an internal Sony memo, the Sony motion-capture controller has been confirmed. And what’s more, it’ll launch this...


The Only Whole Body Massage Chair And They Mean It


This may well be a truly pompous pronouncement, but the worst of it is that this sheer pomposity is in the NAME of the product.  From Hammacher Schlemmer, it’s called the Only Whole Body Massage Chair, and it is, pretty much, what it says on the box.  It is a...


After A Year, The FitBit Launches


Another snoopy fitness gadget comes our way in the form of the Fitbit, which took the TechCrunch 50 by storm last year but couldn’t seem to get off the ground.  But it’s now got a launch date scheduled–this Tuesday. The ninety nine dollar FitBit will clip to your clothes and,...


The Worst Gadget Of All Time? The Shower Radio.


So what would be your guess for the worst gadget of all time?  Soap on a rope?  Maybe the Pocket Fisherman or something else by gadget magnate Ron Popeil? As it turns out, a recent poll of three thousand women by the insurance company Sheila’s Wheels pegged the worst gadget...