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2nd Free Batman AA DLC Challenge Map Due Tomorrow

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For the PS3 only!  Exclusive DLC is just fanning the fanboy flame now isn’t it?  Apparently this 2nd challenge map entitled “Prey in the Darkness” is only coming to the PS3 for tomorrow September 24th.  Sources report that it is available now in the UK. Free DLC is totally the...


USB Emoticon IM Ball For Faces With Too Much Botox (video)


If you are having trouble deciding whether to smile, frown, or gasp, then let this weird-ass USB emoticon ball decide for you.  Once you plug it in, it apparently recognizes incoming emoticons from whoever you are IM’ing and makes the appropriate face given the nature of the conversation/emoticon. This mellow...


Oregon Scientific’s New Marathon Pedometer

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If you are turning over a new leaf of health consciousness and need a new pedometer to help reach your goals, look no further.  Oregon Scientific’s new Marathon Pedometer has all the important features to help you get your stride on. The pedometer uses accelerometer technology so you can wear...


WedgeWorks Intros MovieWedge Mobile Device Stand

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WedgeWorks has debuted the MovieWedge as a low-cost high-quality choice for those needing a horizontal device stand.  Made from a flexible micro-suede, the MovieWedge will work with a variety of mobile devices from iPhones to PSP’s to Blackberry’s. Capable of sitting on/at a variety of surfaces and angles, the MovieWedge...


The iPhone Arider–Science Fiction Finally Becomes Science Fact


The current undisputed king of the geeky gadget may well have just been found, folks–brace yourself for the iPhone Arider. It’s still in the prototype stage, but one day we’ll all be able to enjoy the iPhone Arider.  And what does it do, you wonder?  Simple–it’s a portable navigation system...


Ericsson MH907 Earbuds–A Great If Flawed Idea


This is probably an idea that should have come along well before now.  What you’re looking at in the pic above is a pair of earbuds that–get this–stop playing when you pull them out of your ears.  Yes, they automatically pause playback when you take them out, allowing you to...


The ScrambleScoop–A Real Game Changer For Golf Fans

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Prepare yourself, golfers, for a gadget that will bring about a new epoch of incredulity and laziness to the game–the ScrambleScoop. Originally designed–and named–for golf scrambles (games in which a party tees off from one location and then hits from the best shot up to the green), the ScrambleScoop allows...