Daily Archives: September 21, 2009


Limited Edition i-Toc Wristwatch


Reminding me of that old black and white countdown before the movie starts this limited edition i-Toc wristwatch is perfect for the budding retro-futurist.  The uniqueness of the watch comes from the two radially graduated rings that display the time.  The outer rings shows the minutes and the inner rings...


Gaming Rumor: HD Wii For 2011?


When the Wii first came out we were all pretty wowed by the innovation and novelty that the Nintendo console brought.  Today we aren’t as easily impressed.  Lack of high-profile titles and 480p resolution is definitely approaching tepid and it’s about time Nintendo does something about it. According to the...


USB Handwarmers To Help On Your Heating Bill This Winter


With the cold winter approaching, heating bills are often more than we’d like to pay.  Last winter I tried to run the heat as little as possible with a space heater as my only friend.  It always took awhile for my hands to warm because my feet always got first...


Brando Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset


Brando has made a “why didn’t I think of that” gadget in the form of their solar powered bluetooth headset.  Providing infinite standby time under direct sunlight, you can also charge it via USB through your computer or AC wall plug.  You can even buy two of them and use...


Texting While Driving: It’s Only Illegal When You Do It


So here’s a fun governmental conundrum for you, gentle reader–if you’re out driving, and you get a sudden message on your Twitter feed about road conditions issued by the state on whose roads you’re driving, would you consider this illegal? The irony is, yes, it is.  Using text messages while...


Formal Declaration of Net Neutrality Under Way At FCC


Well, if you’ve been worried about using your various Net-capable gadgets because of the lack of net neutrality law, then worry no longer.  Seems that the FCC is about to adopt net neutrality as a set of general principles soon. Net neutrality, in case you don’t know, is a standard...