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Order A Papa John’s Pizza Direct From Your PS3


Taking a cue from Tivo, you can order a pizza from Papa John’s without having to open your PS3’s web browser.  A promotional button was put in place until September 27th so you can be lazier than you ever thought possible. You can even win a cinnapie dammit!  This reminds...

Lacie DVD Burner

Lacie Debuts New USB-Powered Portable DVD Burner

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What a tight little package this is.  Lacie’s new USB-powered portable dvd burner may be just what you need of you have and older Mac or PC without one.  Weighing less than a pound and standing only an inch tall it can probably fit into a laptop bag. It will...

Finis MP3

Finis Ups The SwiMP3 Player to 1GB


The SwiMp3 underwater bone-conduction MP3 player from Finis is the only player I’ve seen or used that alleviates the suction problem experienced by other players.  While it does have problems of its own, it definitely deserves your attention if you are looking for a music player to entertain you while...


Uncharted 2 For PS3: The First Game To Tweet For You?

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In what initially appears to be awesomely innovative, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is going to be the first game that will actually update your Twitter account as you play. You will be able to toggle a bunch of twit-able things such as: connecting to multiplayer, uploading cinema files, level completion,...


EA Announces Skate 3 For May 2010 (video)

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I just played Skate 2 for the first time and was super disappointed with all the frame rate hiccups.  It was almost unplayable.  Perhaps it was my archaic 20GB Xbox 360 from 2005 not being able to handle the game. At any rate, I was pleasantly overjoyed when I found...


The Apple Tablet Spawns Huge List of Rumors

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Rumors are flying fast and furious about the upcoming Apple Tablet–let’s take a look at what’s being tossed around: – The tablet will launch with a 9.6 inch Wintek touchscreen. – Verizon Wireless will NOT be included, but rather, High Speed Downlink Packet Access connectivity will be offered. – The...


MIT Students Put Homemade Satellite Into Orbit–Cost: $150


Considering that NASA’s been whining about not having enough budget for the last couple years, it really makes them look bad to discover what a couple kids from MIT did the other day. While NASA’s assembling teams have needed millions of dollars to launch one satellite, two guys from MIT...


The Bodybugg–Complete Weight Loss Help


If you’re having a tough time keeping your weight down, you may be interested to know that a new gadget is available to help.  It’s called the Bodybugg and it helps in pretty much every aspect of weight loss. The Bodybugg measures skin temperature and motion to get an idea...


Pearly Dreams Sleep Aid Toothpaste


All Right!!  To what genius do I owe my most sincerest of gratitudes?  This new toothpaste called Pearly Dreams contains Melatonin, Balm Mint, Valerian and Passionflower to help you hit the hay after a long day.  Each $20 tube will last up to 60 days.  That sounds great. 5 years...