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The Greatest Solar Power Generator Of All?


It might sound hard to believe, but one of the best sources on earth for solar power is located right in your backyard.  Or possibly your front yard. It sounds outlandish, but the more you think about it, the more you realize it has more truth than you think.  The...


Everyone Wants A Piece of Amazon’s Kindle Market


Guess who wants a piece of Amazon’s Kindle market?  As it turns out, a whole a lot of people. The list is pretty wide and growing by the day, and includes names like News Corp (otherwise known as Fox), Hearst Publishing, and now, Time Magazine wants to change the way...

Verizon Announces Nokia 7705 Twist Launch Date And Specs

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Verizon and Nokia announced the Nokia 7705 Twist, a completely square phone that twists to reveal a full QWERTY keypad. The specs are anything but square, featuring a 3.0 megapixel camera, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, voice commands, and a unique Contact Light Ring (customizable to flash on a particular...


Gumball Foosball Has Sweet Revenge Written All Over It


Just when you thought the gumball machine had reached its pique and that foosball was a thing of the past, enter the Gumball Foosball.  That’s right you sugar fiends, instead of a plastic soccer ball you’ll be hurtling gumballs at your opponents net for sweet, sweet revenge.  And for those...


Polaris Concept Phone Is Like The Roomba But Doesn’t Suck (video)

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Here’s an interesting concept from one of Japan’s leading telecommunication providers, the Polaris.  KDDI, in corporation with Japan’s Flower Robotics, have built what very well might be Roomba meets cell phone meets Loopt…and then some.  The phone itself doesn’t sound all that mind bendingly crazy, but toss it into the...