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LG BL40 Launching In Europe This Month


Looks like LG will release their latest Chocolate phone sooner than later. That’s right the Bl40, the 4-inch touchscreen phone that we keep hearing about will launch later this month in Europe with other markets following sometime in… To read the rest of “LG BL40 Launching In Europe This Month”...


Chinese Man Builds His Very Own Submarine From Scrap


What does $4,385 get you? Give up?  Your very own under water submersible.  Tao Xiangli, a 34-year old amateur inventor spent the last two years whipping together his very own submarine.  It’s powered by an electric motor and even includes a periscope, depth control tanks and manometer.  The body is...


Samsung’s ST45 Point And Shoot Is Just 16mm Thin

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Just when you thought Samsung was finished with rolling out their newest point and shoot cameras think again.  Last week they introduced what might be their thinnest yet, the ST45.  While it lacks dual screens like their TL220 series, it does boasts a 16mm thin body with a 12 megapixel...


Elonex Motion Sensing Gaming Dock For The iPhone/iPod Touch


I would have never thought that I would be writing about this today.  Seemingly totally innovative, Elonex has developed the iGame Dock that will fully support a bevy of motion controlled games soon to appear on an iPhone near you. Beyond the normal dock functions and including a TV output,...


Gadget Concept: Mac vs. PC Chess Set


Driving stick and learning how to play chess are two things that I never learned to do.  Checkers and automatic were the farthest I got.  At any rate, this concept comes from designer Adam Frederick and as you can see from the picture it’s a chess board pitting eternal rivals...


E-Werk Turns Your Bike Into A Power Plant


If you’ve ever wondered how you could do more to help save the planet with your morning bicycle commute, then look no more, o ecologically aware one; we’ve got the solution for you! It’s called the E-Werk, and it’s from Germany.  Those of you hearing Vince from ShamWow declare that...

Lighthouse solar guage.JPG

Lighthouse Solar’s Lightgauge Shows The Power Of The Sun

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If you’ve shelled out the several thousand dollars required these days to get a solar array installed at your house, then you know that it’s all about the light level that lets you figure out just how much power you’re generating.  But the old Mark One Eyeball isn’t exactly the...