Daily Archives: September 2, 2009


Official: Nokia Mini N97


Nokia officially announced the slimmed down version of their N97, the Mini N97. The cut backs aren’t drastic as this version features a 3.2-inch versus a 3.5-inch touchscreen, lacks a d-pad and a slightly smaller footprint. Nokia also says they’ve injected this version with “flick-scrolling”…. To continue reading “Official: Nokia...


3-D Blu-Ray In The Works


My roommate just watched a 3-D version of Coraline in standard definition.  I can only imagine how nice it would have looked if it were in 3-D on Blu-Ray.  Soon enough perhaps as the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) is working on the technical specifications to bring 3-D to a higher...


Retro Tech Gets A New Job–As Even MORE Retro Tech


You might remember the old vinyl records, if you’re a club DJ or know some elderly folks who never quite got the hang of cassette tapes, let alone CDs. A lot of people, of course, converted their vinyl collections to other media, either by re-recording them or just buying new,...


Zap Alias: An Electric Car For Under Thirty Grand


Now, one thing’s hugely clear.  If you’re looking to go electric for your ride, you’ve got one of basically two choices–shelling out ridiculous amounts of bank for a pure electric ride, or going with a golf cart.  It’s not easy to find an electric ride that just anyone can afford. ...


Volksgarden Rotating Garden Lets You Grow Anything At Home


If you’ve got an extra two grand lying around and desperately want a space to grow some hydroponic tomatoes and such, then boy, do I have the solution for you! It’s called the Volksgarden Rotating Garden, and it’s a gigantic wheel made out of food-grade plastic.  The studs you see...


Wear a Computer Right Over Your Eye


So…how does the thought of computerized contact lenses strike you? You’re a tougher soul than I am if that didn’t make you blink, but if engineer Babak Parviz has his way, we’ll all be wearing them soon enough, mostly because we’ll WANT to wear them. Parviz’s incredible contact lenses will...


Toyota To Add Built-in Breathalyzers To Their Vehicles


Toyota, it seems, really doesn’t like the thought of you getting plastered and then going out driving their cars.  Thus, they’ve decided to figure out a way to wire a breathalyzer to your ignition column and make the car impossible to start unless you blow a clean meter, or, show...