Why in the shape of a light bulb I don’t know, but from the design studios of Quirky I bring you the Watt Time alarm clock.  And yes, that is a horribly bad play on words, something I greatly appreciate in light (get it?) of the all too common bedside alarm clock.  The light bulb shaped alarm clock is crafted of high-gloss, hard plastic, which not only allows the the digital time display to shine through, but prevents you from smashing it to flesh tearing glass shards when you hammer down on the would be socket to activate the snooze – although that would be a killer wake up call.   And much like the Philips alarm clock we recently saw, you can wake to a gradually increasing glow of light.

You can pre-order the Watt Time alarm clock for $24.99 and hope it reaches it pre-sale goal, otherwise it will never see the light of day (yes, another one).

[via Cnet]


Christen Costa

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