The TomTom North American “turn by turn” GPS navigation app is now available in the US App Store for $99.99.  There are currently 12 reviews up and the biggest complaint so far is that the app does not feature spoken street names.  For that much money it should say street names using Christopher Walken’s voice god dammit!  At any rate, the app uses a feature called “IQ Routes” which bases its directions off of the time of day and traffic conditions.  iPhone touch controls are intact and let you pinch, stretch, and double tap all you like.  Other implementations include the usage of your contact list to find locations as well as being able to use the phone while the app is still running.  The app requires the 3.0 update and covers 99.9% of North America.  This includes Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  I really don’t see how this is worth the money.

[via Electronista]


Jeff B