If you’ve ever tried to battle a speeding ticket, or just about any driving offense then you know how challenging it can be.  As soon as you step into the courtroom the judge, which is part of the law, is on the police officer’s side.  Unless of course you have hard evidence to prove that you’re not guilty, chances are you walking away in cuffs or with a significant tab.

The Selfic Cube 7100 is a small, windshield mountable camcorder that can record 640×480 video at 30 fps while you drive.  It includes a microSD card slot so its recording time is virtually endless, and the built-in GPS keeps track of your location and speed.  Also, it can detect shock in the event of an impact and can record audio within the vehicle’s cab.  So it pretty much has you covered from all ends.

Now next time you step into the court room and the cop cites you for a marks lane violation while speeding you can simply whip out the data and video to prove otherwise.  And get this, it’s only $167, that is assuming you can get one out of Korea.

[via Technabob]


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