Arghhh!  We waited, we hoped and now QIK is available for the iPhone, iPhone 3GS that is.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that Apple, not QIK has crippled their application.  You see, QIK’s core offering is the ability to stream live video from almost any handset to their website.  This allows people to register for an account, post some code on their site and then let others watch their nefarious activities from their living room couch.  Robert Scobble from my understanding is a big fan and user.  He was lucky enough to score a hacked version on his Gen 1 iPhone many a months ago and yes, it streamed video, which is well before the 3GS even became a rumor so we know it’s not hardware related.   So this version, available in the iTunes app store now, is limited to sharing video via SMS, email, Facebook and can be posted to blogs using Wordrpess, Blogger and others.  Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe my dismay.  QIK I’m kicking you to the curb, that is if I actually used your app.  Call me when Apple approves the real version.

BTW, that email address they provide ‘iphone@qik.com’ doesn’t even work.  I tried to reach out to them and ask why the app doesn’t stream and it came back ‘Delivery Failed’.  Don’t post an email address and then forget/not enable it


Christen Costa

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