For some reason puzzle games have never been able to hold my attention for very long.  Maybe they just took a back seat to the more action oriented games I always ended up playing instead.  Whatever the case may have been, I recently had the opportunity to try out MagnetRox by Spawn Studios.

The object of the game is to transport an orb from its starting point to its final destination.  The hitch is that you can only move the orb in one direction at a time and that you must navigate correctly amongst a variety of obstacles that can change the direction of the orb.  The first few levels ramp you up tutorial style to get use to the gameplay and the obstacles.  After that the game gets much more difficult with all types of different objects thrown in your way.

MagnetRox is all about planning your moves as there is no undo button.  There will be a lot of trial and error and restarted levels to say the least.  And in my case, there will also be a lot of frustration.  While I did like this game I didn’t last very long.  I played through to the 10th level and once I tried it about 20 times without success and then I got bored.

The graphics are simple but effective and the design is very cyber-industrial.  Loading was fast and it was really easy to restart a level.  That’s huge given the fact that the majority of my time playing was spent failing.  Even though I find my mind to be a bit “peabrain” for puzzle games I do recommend MagnetRox.  While it would be better at $0.99, it’s a quick and easy game that you can play on the go that takes virtually no time to learn.  Check out the trailer below.

Jeff B