Gadget Rumor: Piper Jaffray Analyst Says Apple Tablet Coming In 2010

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5 Comments to Gadget Rumor: Piper Jaffray Analyst Says Apple Tablet Coming In 2010

  1. I can’t wait to see this! I use a Compaq TC1000 and that is a great machine- except for it’s painfully slow performance. This has the promise of being a very fast machine that even a lot of us PC users would love to own.

    I think too many people expect this to as powerful as a full fledged desktop box or laptop, it doesn’t have to be. But it does have to be nimble and respond when executing a command.

    Many of us who still use the old Compaq and Fujitsu slates will no doubt be very interested in this!!

    Ain’t no way I’m spending $1K+ for an Apple laptop when this could be very viable. I’ll still be using my ($400) 2.67 GHz quad core HP XW4400 for Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other intensive apps.

  2. This thing looks fantastic! I’m guessing the device will allow for a plug-in roll-up keyboard or will have a keyboard that operates the same way the iPhone does now.

    After moving to Palo Alto and seeing how pretty much EVERYONE here uses Mac, and after countless problems with my new PC using Vista I will be one of many that are finally making the switch off the PC and onto the Mac. If these tablets work as great as they look I’ll be one of the people standing outside the local Apple store, waiting in line for my tablet.

    Posted by John Gotts

  3. Why would you want a physical keyboard for a 10 inch screen, its supposed to be lightweight and easily portable. I will be upset if it is not running on an operating system tough. Why would I pay for an over-sized ipod touch when I already have one? Please do not screw this up Apple!!

  4. Well now I won’t be running out to get one. Now if it ran the big version of OS X then I’d consider it. IMHO, this is a bit limitation for this device and for the money I wouldn’t have it. I was hoping it would be more like a macbook without a physical keyboard but hey… I’m just a consumer.

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