According to an industry source familiar with Netflix’s future plans, the DVD rental company will be bringing their streaming service to an iPhone near you (and the Nintendo Wii).  Of course, this news wasn’t a question of if, but when as Netflix opened up their API to any willing participant and even hinted at the development of such an app.

How soon the app will debut in the iTunes app store is anyone’s guess, but given Netflix’s goal of world dominance in not only the DVD rental space, but the media streaming arena I’d guess that it will be free for all to download.  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the service will work over AT&T’s 3G connection, since previous applications that offer streaming media have been limited to a WiFi only connection.

On August 11th, Netflix subscribers with an Xbox and Xbox Live account will enjoy a relatively significant upgrade allowing them to manage their instant queue without leaving their couch.  We’ve already played with the update and like what we see.

Although many of Netflix’s streaming movies and TV shows are old or somewhat ‘b movie quality’, they still offer the most comprehensive selection of streaming media at the lowest price; $8.99.

So if there was ever another reason to get an iPhone, here it is.

[via Zatznotfunny]


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