Will the real Macbook Tablet please stand up?  So we’ve heard rumors that Apple’s tablet computer will have a ‘Home’ button just like the iPhone.  But smack dab in the center’s edge, far from a set of gripping hands as depicted by this supposedly leaked picture, I don’t think so.  But hey, who knows, maybe Apple knows something we don’t and if you’re resting the device on your lap it might make some sense.  And what’s up with the screen’s border.  It just doesn’t seem like Apple to have such an unfinished looking product, but maybe this is a prototype version.

Of note, an Engadget commenter noticed that the exact same screen image, which is the intro for Leopard OS X, can easily be pulled off Google Image, which doesn’t exactly lend a whole lot of credence to the leak.

Believable, but not entirely sold.

[via Engadget, BGR]


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