Let the masses rejoice.  Or let the Ewoks from the end of Return of the Jedi rejoice.  Either way Sony has finally-officially confirmed the reality of the PS3 Slim.  Claiming that the new model will use 34% less power than the original it will also take up 32% less space.  I must admit that the pic above looks killer and I’m hoping Sony uses this to their advantage this time around with a successful “rebranding”.

Possessing all of the same features as the “bulky” PS3, the slim version will be available next month for a hot price of $300.  One would likely assume that the “bulky” PS3 will see a price cut as well, but Sony has yet to officially comment on that.  What would be additionally sweet would be the inclusion of a PS3 Slim bundled with a high profile new release.  Any guesses on what a cool game could be?


Jeff B