I suppose anyone has the right to predict anything they want.  An analyst has “credentials” and “backing” so any claims made are taken with more than a grain of salt I suppose.  Analyst David Cole from DFC “Don’t F**king Care” Intelligence is making statements towards a Xbox 360 Slim in the near future.  He suggests that it’s only a matter of time and that the inclusion of Project Natal could likely require a redesigned console.  So even though Microsoft had officially confirmed that there will be no new Xbox 360 for 2010, this guy seems to think otherwise.  Ben Schachter of Broadpoint AmTech also believes that we will see a new Xbox 360 in 2010.

Other analysts Tom Greenwald and Arvind Bhatia disagree with Cole and Schachter, but all of this information is the purest of speculations and entirely unfounded.  What does the consumer think?  I personally don’t think that Microsoft needs this but I wouldn’t look the other way.  Update the specs and jam them in a tight new body and I’m sure I will be drooling accordingly.


Jeff B