Looking positively swanky, this radar sniffing aftermarket mirror attachment by Cheetah will actually minimize your blind spots as well as alert you to the long arm of the law.  Priced at $300 you won’t even be able to tell it’s an add on if you can hide the power cord.  It is so concealed that you may find it difficult to locate let alone operate the functions while driving.  The mirror digitally displays your speed, the time of day, the closing distance to an enforcement camera with known speed, red light camera intersection locations and it will give you visual and audio alerts upon approach.  You can also mark other locations for personal use and keep the mirror up to date by downloading new locations via the Cheetah website.  Too bad there aren’t any recording options that track and log your speed so you can use the data later if you have to.  Still, looks sweet.

[via Wired]


Jeff B