While APC’s Power-Saving Surge Protectors With Programmable LCD Timer aren’t much to look at, there energy saving features will have you seeing (and saying) green in no time flat.

Stupid puns aside (keep reading and you might get them), these two surge protectors boast a set of outlets that can be scheduled to turn on and off at any given time, with up to five scheduled settings.  That means you can plug in your cell phone or MP3 player without the worry of overcharging the device or sucking down unneeded power.  That’s right, a fully charged cell phone will continue to suck down power, which not only increases your carbon footprint but your electricity bill as well.

They’re available in two flavors – 4 outlet wall model (P4GC) and 5 outlet cored model (P6GC) – and includes a set of status lights to indicate ‘building wiring fault,’ ‘timer enabled’ and ‘protection working.’  According to APC and based on 3 hours of daily use, they believe that these surge protectors can save consumers $20 and $60 respectively.  They’ll launch sometime in Q3 for $16.99 and $19.99 and based on the aforementioned cost savings you’ll make your money back in 12 months time.

[via Newlaunches]


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