Daily Archives: August 31, 2009


LG Readying 15-inch OLED Display For November Launch


I’m still not sold on the whole OLED experience, at least as far as home entertainment goes.  Although, I do believe it’s a great piece of tech for the portable gadget market since it’s light on power consumption and boasts a stunning picture; laptops included. So pardon mean when I...


Official: Apple September 9th Press Event


Apple has confirmed a September 9th press event (same day as last year with the same theme) that will be held in a downtown San Francisco location.  Titled “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it”, the event will probably focus on the long rumored iPods with cameras, the...


Sony To Release Waterproof Remotes For The Old


Like the Jitterbug phone for old people, Sony has plans to release a set of remotes that features over sized buttons and are resistant to liquid spills.  They’ve done a nice job to dress up the ‘you’re too senile to use a real remote’, by offering them in a variety...


Grenade Flash Drive For Blowing Up Your Data


Grenades by their very nature tend to pose a threat, but anything shaped like a grenade, but isn’t actually a grenade is an immediate draw to us none military folks.  What might be the perfect complement to the Grenade Alarm Clock, the Hand Grenade USB Flash Drive is available in...