Daily Archives: August 26, 2009


Amber Alert GPS 2G Keeps Tabs On Your Tike


By now well aware of the perils of losing a child thanks to shows such as Nancy Grace.  Well, hopefully no more will that tail make headlines thanks to the Amber Alert GPS 2G. It’s a small GPS infused tracker that you attach to your child and simply by sending...


XM’s Skydock Is The Perfect Companion To The iPhone


Early this week we saw Rhapsody hop on board the iPhone train with the announcement of their streaming app (now pending).  While XM/Sirius has had an app for sometime now, the satellite radio company is ready to take yet another leap in displaying their devout allegiance to Apple’s iPhone/iPod. The...


Wet Demo Arrives On The Xbox 360


Bethesda fans will be pleased to hear that their latest game, Wet, has finally arrived in the form of a demo for the Xbox 360.  I saw a 2 minute video of the game while attending this year’s E3 show, and while the 3rd person shooter looks like a lot...


Surf Skis: Skis For The Waves


If the prospect of surf boarding has never appealed to you, but you’ve got a penchant for hitting the slopes and live in a warm local then Jason Starr has got a product for you.  The Surf Skis, which are apparently unique enough to receive a US patent, are essentially...


Wooden Speakers With Hidden LED Alarm Clock


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a wooden box adorned with a hidden LED display, but with speakers, that’s a new one.  Available in two flavors – the DN-WSP1802 includes a set of speakers while the DN-WSP1406 is an all-in-one setup – both include an alarm clock and 3.5mm...