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Sony’s Walkman S540 Includes Built-in Speakers


Despite looking like Sony has struck a deal with Disney (the button configuration looks like Mickey Mouse) the Walkman S540 appears to be a relatively formidable PMP.  Launching next month, the 10.2mm thick body sports a pair of speakers and a battery life that Sony claims is good for 42...


Sony Announces Reader Daily Edition

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Sony added to their e-reader line up today with the announcement of the Reader Daily Edition.  Following on the heels of the Reader Pocket and Touch Edition, which were announced earlier this month, the Reader Daily Edition uses a larger 7-inch touchscreen and provides access to Sony’s eBook store anywhere...


Poop Trap: A Colostomy Bag For Your Dog (videos)


Holy crap!  Awestruck doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to the Poop Trap.  I think we’ve all toyed with the idea of a colostomy bag for pooches, but why does this look so wrong? A harness wraps around the dog’s body and under its tail is a removable draw...


Chipotle iPhone App Rereleased

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What was suppose to be a 2 week downtime apparently turned into 8 months.  If you recall, back in January of this year Chipotle launched and pulled their iPhone app.  They said it was something to do with server over load, but who really knows.  In any event, after 8...


Super Mario Bros. Wii Demo’d In Video (video)


I was never a die hard Super Mario Bros fan, but oh boy did they exist.  And despite my dislike for the game I still recall seeing the movie “The Wiz” in theater, which featured Super Mario Bros 3 projected on a giant screen.  Now fans of the popular game...


APC Intros Power Saving Surge Protectors With LCD Timers


While APC’s Power-Saving Surge Protectors With Programmable LCD Timer aren’t much to look at, there energy saving features will have you seeing (and saying) green in no time flat. Stupid puns aside (keep reading and you might get them), these two surge protectors boast a set of outlets that can...


Revo IKON Digital Radio With Color Touch Screen And iPod Dock

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With hundreds of iPod docks to choose from this new one from Revo looks mildly innovative.  Brandishing a 3.5″ color touch screen with icon controls, the aptly titled IKON also docks an iPod or iPhone.  I honestly have never heard of this company before but I like the design as...


Cigarette Shaped Butane Lighter


I don’t smoke, but when I did (back in high school to be cool) I’d always be fumbling through my pockets in search of a lighter.  Then I saw what the other cooler smoking kids were doing, which was placing the lighter directly in the cigarette pack.  A bit unpractical...