Daily Archives: August 20, 2009


Gadget Rumor: Is This The Macbook Touch Splash Page?


Is this truly the splash page for the impending Macbook Touch? No one knows for sure but there are a few hints to indicate otherwise.  The URL string lists Apple.com as opposed to Apple.com/macbooktouch.  The ‘T’ in touch looks a bit odd, as if its a smaller font then the...


Go Dog Go Automatic Ball Launcher


Just because you’re lazy, that doesn’t mean Fido has to be as well.  The Go Dog Go Automatic Fetch machine can fire tennis balls up to 30 feet in distance.  Just add tennis balls and set the timer or fire them off using the include remote control.  It only costs...


DIY Helmet Cam With Bungee Cords (video)


If you’re still thinking that you need one of those uber expensive helmet cams to capture a first person perspective video, think again.  Jesse Rosten has come up with a way to use an everyday bungee cord to achieve stunning results.  Don’t believe me, then hit the video below.  All...


T-Mobile Pulls Down Pricing With The Launch Of The Gravity 2


T-Mobile and Samsung officially launched the Gravity 2 today. They’re billing it as an “affordable 3G messaging phone”, and at $30 with a 2-year contact signing I’d have to agree ($50 mail-in-rebate required).  It features a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel camera, GPS… To continue reading “T-Mobile Pulls Down...


Offical Pics Of The Slim PS3 From All Angles


The Slim PS3 finally hit this week.  I still can’t get over the fact that some Japanese shop (video here) got their hands on the newly designed console well before the official press announcement.  I wonder if they’re in some basement now being tortured to reveal their ‘inside man’.  I’m...