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Naturmobil: Treadmill + Horse + Car

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Say ‘horsepower’ and most people will ask ‘how many’.  In the case of the Naturmobil the shell shocking answer is 1.  That’s right, 1 horsepower.  Makes sense given that there is just one horse powering this transparent vehicle.  The horse stands on a battery powered treadmill – it recharges from...


Left 4 Dead Xbox 360


How do you attest your dieing passion for the video game Left 4 Dead? Simple. You request one of your friends to build a custom Xbox 360 in its image.  But as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.  FatalJapan, who received the custom art work on his video game...


Slim PS3 Now Available For Pre-Order At Amazon, $299.99

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Without a moment of hesitation, Amazon has already posted the pre-order page for the Slim Playstation 3.  So before you rush out and grab a discounted Fat PS3, you might wanna consider the feather weight version since it costs the same amount ($299.99) and includes a larger, 120GB hard drive. ...


Best Buy Now Selling Playstation 3 For $100 Cheaper


It’s no secret that Sony has had plans to cut the price of the 80GB and 160GB PS3 console.  In fact, we’ve seen a few leaked catalogs indicating and confirming such a price cut.  And now, after confirmation from Sony, Best Buy is currently selling the 80GB for $299.99 and...


Polaroid’s Last Run Comes By Way Of Urban Outfitters


Polaroid might be officially dead, but that hasn’t stopped Urban Outfitters, the hipster retailer from getting their hands on left over stock of the once hyper popular camera.  They’ll sell a total of 700 kits, which will feature a hand written collector’s number and include one pack of deadstock Polaroid...


Arkeg: An Classic Arcade Machine With A Kegerator


The Arkeg combines a beer kegerator with a classic arcade gaming machine, which should lead to endless ours of nostalgic, drunken game play.  Inside is a chilled 5-gallon keg (beer of your choice), a 24-inch screen and a console stuffed full of 104 classic video games.  As you can see...