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The Shark Bean Bag Wants To Eat Your Ass (video)

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Bear with me for a sec and think Cookie Monster.  Yeah, this Cookie Monster: yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. The shark bean bag chair is both brilliant and scary.  And how fitting that an Australian retailer should carry it.  You know, because they surf a lot and from my understanding...


Metal Gear Solid Touch Only $3 For Today And Tomorrow


Trying to squeeze some more cash out of its shooting gallery, Metal Gear Solid Touch is on sale in the App Store for the next two days for only $3.  That’s a whole $5 off the standard price.  While complaints have been abound in regards to the game being unfinished...


Bose To Announce Mystery Product On August 19th


Bose is set to introduce a new product on August 19th according to a press invite sent out to select media.  What it is unknown at this time, but the company is claiming it is their “best ever [in 30 years]”, which is bold to say the least.  Chances of...


Solar-Power Shower Will Keep Me And This Chick Warm


We’re all trying to be a bit more green these days, I know I am.  The Solar-Power Shower is a relatively affordable device that is the perfect accompaniment to any pool or beach house owner.  Instead of delivering blistering cold showers after a dip in the water, its solar base...


Selfic Cube 7100: A Blackbox For Your Car (video)

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If you’ve ever tried to battle a speeding ticket, or just about any driving offense then you know how challenging it can be.  As soon as you step into the courtroom the judge, which is part of the law, is on the police officer’s side.  Unless of course you have...