Daily Archives: August 12, 2009


HTC Touch Pro2 Now Available On T-Mobile For $350


Yesterday we saw the HTC Touch Pro2 emerge with AT&T branding and today the phone became available for purchase from T-Mobile for a non-recession friendly $350, and that’s after a 2-year service agreement. What T-Mobile is smoking is anyone’s guess, but if you’ve got the will power hold out a...


Batman Tumbler Go-Kart (video)

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If you still can’t afford to build your very own replica Batman Tumbler vehicle than I’m sorry to say you’re shit out of luck. But if you happen to own a go-cart and posses the desire to craft what appears to be a to scale version then head on over...


Digital Tongs Make Any BBQ A Bit(e) More Tech


I always hate admitting that summer is almost over.  To help enjoy these fleeting days of carefree meat eating comes a set of Digital BBQ Tongs to ravish your grill marked eatables.  Using a backlit LED screen, the tongs pierce the meat and display the internal temperature 5 seconds after...


Watergate Turnstyle Concept Soaks Its Offenders


The inherent problem with any turnstile – you know, the things that prevent you from skipping the toll for the subway – is that those who are in a wheel chair can’t pass through them.  Enter the Watergate.  Pop in the toll and the water, which sprays from side to...


Gadget Leak: Zune HD Release Date And Price


Yesterday, Gizmodo received a photo from a Best Buy employee depicting the launch date of Microsoft’s Zune HD to be September 15th (that’s just 1 week after the rumored launch date).  And before that, Amazon leaked a pre-order page to the blogosphere showing the pricing for the 16GB and 32GB...