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Sanyo’s New Rechargeable Neck Warmers


My neck is never the first or the most noticeably cold part of my body.  It’s always my feet.  Though, this seems like a plausible product since the neck can definitely be a gateway to chilling the rest of your body if not protected. Newly announced from Sanyo is their...


Pay For Microsoft Points On Your Xbox 360 Using PayPal

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Some people have hesitations when attaching their credit card information to various websites and services.  To help possibly ease those hesitations you can now buy Microsoft Points using your PayPal account.  Though it would be cooler if you could also renew your yearly Xbox Live account, it is still a...


Tony Hawk RIDE Demo Review


Last weekend I got to try my hand, or should I say feet, at the latest Tony Hawk skateboard game, RIDE.  I think it’s pretty fair to say that there has been some skepticism floating around this version since iterations before seemed to be just slight or minor tweaks from...


Logitech’s LAN-W300N/R Wireless Router Measures 23mm Thin


What’s slim, trim, wireless and black all over?  Logitech’s newest router, that’s what.  The LAN-W300N/R provides 802.11n speeds and measures just 23mm wide at its thickest point.  Inside are to internal antennas, 4 Ethernet ports and a set of front facing LED lights.  It’s hitting Japan this August for about...


iRiver Trickles Out Details On Their E200 PMP


iRiver, which keeps plugging along and releasing new products despite the domineering iPod and iPhone, has officially announced their E200 PMP.  It features a 2.8-inch 320×240 LCD, USB input, 3.5mm headphone jack and support for a variety of audio and video codecs.  iRiver says a single charge will get 17...


A Sight Seeing Helmet For The Blind


If you’re blind, well then you’re probably not reading this, but if you know someone who is blind then you might be familiar with the click and whistle system which helps the short on seeing to identify the location of objects, similar to how a bat navigates.  Now researchers at...