Daily Archives: August 6, 2009


Cheetah Wide Angle Camera Detecting GPS Mirror Attachment


Looking positively swanky, this radar sniffing aftermarket mirror attachment by Cheetah will actually minimize your blind spots as well as alert you to the long arm of the law.  Priced at $300 you won’t even be able to tell it’s an add on if you can hide the power cord. ...


iPhone Game Impression: MagnetRox By Spawn Studios (video)

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For some reason puzzle games have never been able to hold my attention for very long.  Maybe they just took a back seat to the more action oriented games I always ended up playing instead.  Whatever the case may have been, I recently had the opportunity to try out MagnetRox...


SmartMeasure Cup Does The Measuring For You


For a designer, there can’t be a more satisfying feeling than seeing your product go from concept to reality.  Such is the case of  The SmartMeasure Cup.  Embedded in the handles is a backlit LCD screen that displays how much liquid is in its cup, while a set ‘intuitive controls’...