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Gadget Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming To The iPhone?


According to an industry source familiar with Netflix’s future plans, the DVD rental company will be bringing their streaming service to an iPhone near you (and the Nintendo Wii).  Of course, this news wasn’t a question of if, but when as Netflix opened up their API to any willing participant...


The Perfect Ketchup Packet Cutter


Okay, I know it sounds totally trivial, but opening up those God forsaken ketchup packs from McDonalds can be more difficult than selling ice to Eskimos.  You rip and they just sort of drip.  Enter the Khort, a Brazilian product that will solve your teeth dulling problem.  It affixes to...


Gadget Leak: Sprint WiMax Rollout Schedule For 2009

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WiMax’s fate hasn’t been sealed just yet, but based on its success so far, or lack there of, I’d say that’s it demise is only a matter of time.  But contrary to popular belief Sprint is plugging ahead with their WiMax rollout, that is assuming this leaked roadmap is accurate. ...


Kensington Serves Up iPhone Dock With Backup Battery


Following in the foot steps of Griffin’s PowerDuo Reserve battery packs, Kensington has introduced an iPod/iPhone charger that includes a battery pack. As you can the battery charges while your iPhone charges, which should some how insure that you always have backup power. Unlike Griffin’s offering, though, Kensington’s Dock Charger...